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What is Herbal Medicine?

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Herbal Medicine is the oldest form of traditional medicine in the world. Valued by many cultures for millennia and still used today, medicinal plants, roots, trees and mushrooms are utilised for their healing properties.Their constituents are the source of manyconventional medicines and their properties include: immune enhancing, hormone balancing, anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, circulatory, antimicrobial, anti-depressant, relaxing, restorating, and uplifting, to name but a few.


Medical Herbalists treat by going to the root causes of dis-ease, rather than solely treating symptoms, which enables a much deeper change and wellbeing. Each herbal treatment is unique to the individual case and the herbs are carefully selected to match the needs of the patient. 

Herbalists realise that the body is not separate from the mind or emotions. By working with changing the physiology and also bringing positive change to the psychology, herbalists have a holistic and integrated approach for the wellbeing of their patients. 

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