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Bespoke Organic Creams and Balms can be made up, specifically to meet individual requirements.

Natural Organic Products list

Rose and Frankincense replenishing moisturising cream                               60g    £20


Organic Facial Nutrition. Face oil to soften and smooth away                       30ml  £40

lines and nourishment for the skin.

With Argan oil, Cannabis sativa, Peach Kernal, Rosehip seed,

Raspberry seed, Vitamin E, Jojoba,

Essential oils of Sandalwood, Frankincense and Clary Sage  

Soothing and restorative moisturising cream for burns and delicate skin     60g    £20

Soothing eye balm, softens and smoothes skin, aids repair of fine               30g    £10

lines and dark rings.

Yum bum balm, a soothing relief for haemorrhoids.                                       30g    £10

Natural Deodorant, chemical free, safe and effective                                    30g    £5

balm for the underarm.                                                                                   60g    £10

Clearing Spray, shift the vibration to one of clear, peaceful clarity              100ml  £10

with this room and aura spray.

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