Bespoke Organic Creams and Balms can be made up, specifically to meet individual requirements.

Natural Organic Products list

Rose and Frankincense replenishing moisturising cream                               60g    £20  

Soothing and restorative moisturising cream for burns and delicate skin     60g    £20

Soothing eye balm, softens and smoothes skin, aids repair of fine               30g    £10

lines and dark rings.

Yum bum balm, a soothing relief for haemorrhoids.                                       30g    £10

Natural Deodorant, chemical free, safe and effective                                    30g    £5

balm for the underarm.                                                                                   60g    £10

Clearing Spray, shift the vibration to one of clear, peaceful clarity              100ml  £10

with this room and aura spray.