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Mālā Rose • Medical Herbalist


About Mālā

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Mala treats a wide variety of people from children to the elderly, coming with many different ailments and diseases, from major to minor and from acute to chronic. Having worked in alternative health since 2001, she has a number of different skills to assist as needed, including different types of bodywork and deep listening skills. Mala brings a varied and unique approach to meet each individual's requirements.

In Mala's clinic she embraces all herbal traditions, including Western Herbal Medicine, Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine systems. She incorporates the ancient wisdom and current modern research from each tradition to bring about a deep and lasting change. 


Illness is always meaningful; it is pointing to something that is out of balance in one's life. Equilibrium is the body's natural state of being. Illness manifests not from the body alone, but often through a complex picture of disharmony within the body, mind and emotions. Helping to find and resolve such issues results in a deeper long-lasting healing. Mala is here to guide and assist you each step of the way. Herbal medicine, combined with dietary and lifestyle advice, has the ability to balance and restore function, supporting the whole individual in the process of renewal.


Restoring balance, strength and vitality to the body, mind and spirit creates a state of vibrance and health, where disease has no place to reside. 

Each medicine is formulated specifically for the individual. 

This special herbal formula is made to support and help you to thrive.

Mala has a great love for nature and choses to use organic, 

wild crafted, sustainably grown herbs whenever possible. She is also currently working on creative ways to help eliminate plastic in her life. Please ask if you are interested to know more.



Clinic work

Mala's clinic is in Cheltenham at The Acupuncture and Chiropractic Clinic, 199 Bath Road, Cheltenham.

Free 15 minute telephone consultations are available to find out if Herbal Medicine is right for you. 

Home & online consultations

Consultations are available online via Skype or WhatsApp.  Home visits to existing clients are also available.  To find out more please get in touch.

Bespoke Creams and balms

Bespoke medicinal creams and ointments made, and a range of organic natural skin care. 



"Mala's care and support has really helped me move through a difficult and challenging phase in my life. The herbs tasted wonderful and really helped my digestion and anxiety, I no longer suffer with any pain or discomfort and feel more relaxed."

Sally Edmunds