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Mālā Rose • Medical Herbalist


About Mālā


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Herbalist's blog


Catalyst for Health

I believe that we all have the right to be healthy, vibrant and happy.

I am passionate about using herbal medicine combined with active listening, asking the right questions and providing dietary and lifestyle mentoring where needed, to assist you in thriving.

If you are ready to take control of your life and put your health into your own hands, then you are in the right place. 

Illness is always meaningful; it is pointing to something that is out of balance in one's life and I believe that we can change that with insight, honesty and good medicine. Equilibrium is the body's natural state of being.


Illness does not manifest from the body alone, but often through a complex picture of disharmony within the body, mind and emotions. Finding the root cause of any condition, rather than treating symptoms alone, results in a deeper long-lasting healing. This is why I'm here. I will assist and guide you on your return journey to health and vibrancy.


I have a varied multi-disciplinary background and came to herbal medicine through a long journey of self-discovery. Having experienced deep traumas at a young age, I struggled with addiction, anxiety with a heightened stress response, being emotionally reactive, all the while appearing as high functioning and confident, yet hiding from my true self. After many years of searching and travelling the world, I finally sat in silence for 10 days. This was the start of the turn-around and looking inward rather than outside for the answers. From my mid 20’s to late 30’s I spent a lot of time exploring the inner terrain and finding a greater understanding of my deep seated traumas. I trained in reflexology, sports and remedial massage, zero balancing, energy healing and meditation. I also studied bush craft skills and nature awareness, culminating in a survival quest in the Pyrenees. My connection to nature guided me to taking a PDC in permaculture design. 


My huge love and respect for our home - the natural world and all the wondrous flora and fauna, combined with the desire to help people fully come home to themselves,  led me onto study Herbal Medicine. After all over 80% of the world's population still use traditional plant medicine to heal and this time-honoured tradition has been around for millennia.


I am now humbled to witness first-hand the wonderful healing power of herbal medicine and it fills me with huge respect and gratitude. I am passionate and love what I do. 


Our home, this beautiful and sacred earth is in need of protecting and loving if we as a species are to survive. This why I make sure the herbs I buy are sustainable and come from good sources, preferably biodynamic, organic or wildcrafted. I am also working on creative ways to help eliminate plastic in my life. Please ask if you are interested to know more. 

My love and respect for nature guides and inspires me. 

Life is for thriving



Clinic work

Mala is currently working on a reforestation project in Portugal. Her clinic work in Cheltenham, will resume at a later date.

Mala is still happy to answer enquires and offer advice.

Home & online consultations

Consultations are available online via Telegram or WhatsApp.  Home visits to existing clients are also available.  To find out more please get in touch.

Bespoke Creams and balms

Bespoke medicinal creams and ointments made, and a range of organic natural skin care. 



"Mala's care and support has really helped me move through a difficult and challenging phase in my life. The herbs tasted wonderful and really helped my digestion and anxiety, I no longer suffer with any pain or discomfort and feel more relaxed."

Sally Edmunds
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